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About me

Fifty years is a long time to be in love, but there’s just something about electrons. Since I was a kid I’ve been crazy about software, hardware, anything at all having to do with technology. I love the power of it, how it lets us see things that are invisible to our unaided senses, helps us to understand things by dramatically compressing or expanding time, enables us to manage things that would otherwise overwhelm our memories or symbol manipulation skills, and how it enables us to communicate easily in spite of great distance, time, and cultural barriers.

Because of this love of technology, I live very much in the future, using tools and methods and devices that won’t be commonplace for months or sometimes even years. That gives me a different perspective, enabling me to describe some of the road ahead having already hit some of the potholes.

In addition to technology, I love good food, so my personal recipes are also here. I put them online to share with friends and because I can never find where I put things.

Hopefully you’ll find some things of interest here, and join the conversation yourself.



About this Site

Oh my! A global pandemic, forest fires all around, democracy at a crossroads, moving my house (and my friends) out of the city… It’s a lot!
So, I don’t have time to work on my site, fix the things that aren’t working, and add all the stuff I want to share with you. We’re just gonna have to leave it for now and be patient until some of the smoke clears (literally).

Raisin Nut Bread (in the bread machine)

Raisin Nut Bread (in the bread machine)

This rich loaf is bursting with nuts and raisins making it lots of fun and super nutritious. I love to have a thick slice of this toasted with my coffee in the morning as breakfast. Bread machines are great because they take all of the waiting and interruptions out of...

Fluffy Pancakes

Fluffy Pancakes

These are absolutely THE most fluffy, wonderful and delicious pancakes I’ve ever had. The secret is the “sour” milk which is made by adding vinegar to ordinary milk.

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